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An Algorithmic Trading Portal

"Trading Systems Work, Systematic Traders, don't."

As the winner of the 1987 World Cup of Trading Commodities Futures legendary trader Larry Williams said, we need more than even an exceptional trading strategy to succeed in the financial markets. 


ALGO JAMHP PCC is a newly formed company that embodies the vision of a few individuals but with a greater ambition: to make their experience about trading the markets known to the public interested in and to offer high-quality solutions in algorithmic trading strategies and generally in the adequate education needed.


Through this portal, we'll be trying to answer the question of how anyone could succeed in trading which goes directly to what mentioned before: that little something imperative apart of a winning algorithmic trading system for a trader to be consistently profitable.

Our Products & Services

Our Services
Expert Advisors for MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

"Expert Advisors" or "EA's" are commercial names that they broadly used and accepted for algorithmic architectures that have the form of software written in the MQL4 or MQL5 computer language. The scope of their creation is to implement automated trading strategies to financial markets through the MetaQuotes' trading platforms, known as MT4 and MT5.


We use them to profit from their fully automated trading activities.


In more simple words: To make money from Robots.

Live Trading Signals

Technology's evolution in the world of trading allowed many things which 10 years ago were just...ideas.

So, want to follow what we do in our own trading accounts? For a minimal fee, you could simply subscribe to our trading signals through certain IT infrastructures that are safely providing this utility. 

Trading Courses  

"Knowledge is the main factor in the re-distribution of wealth"

We firmly believe that the above saying says it all in one sentence. Algo Jamhp PCC, through this internet portal, will offer to its clientele basis a complete guide to the world of trading the financial markets in general and of course in our main specialization: Algorithmic Trading Strategies.

You can check our algorithmic trading signals live and inaction in MQL5, by pressing our logo, bellow.


Ready to find out more?

So what is the missing ingredient for consistently successful trading the financial markets? If you are continuing reading these lines maybe you haven't found out yet.

Don't worry we spent more than a decade trying the same. The fact is that there are more mathematicians in this world than successful traders. But, Alas, the"secret" doesn't hide in a mathematical formula or in the power of a CPU processor. It is in our selves, right inside of us.

That's what we have discovered and its name is discipline. We are not talking about a blind faith disciplinary doctrine but for the real form of discipline: the implementation of something we tested, evaluated with scrutiny and served its cause for us. 

We at Algo Jamhp PCC, believe to the "hands-on" approach. Therefore, you are entitled to try before you spend any of your recourses on our products and services. Just press the button bellow:

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