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So why choose us? For four reasons:


Because of our story: We are seasoned traders since 1999. Equities, Futures, FX, name it- we traded it. We lived by the financial markets for three decades now. Apart from everything else one thing is certain: Experience counts.


Because we like what we do: We're here not only to profit from selling something to other traders or investors but also because of our passion for exploring opportunities. Opportunities for profits.


Because of the Quality of our products & Services: This you don't know it yet. But if you try us you'll certainly find out. Whatever we will present, sell, support, offer through this portal has been founded, tested, and used by us for us.


Because of our Vision: It may sound romantic and we all know that any kind of "romance" doesn't belong to the financial markets' trading activities. However, the vision of a small group of people who act for a reason justifies the reason itself and the means to achieve it. Sharing our hard-earned knowledge, expertise, and experience entitle us to profit from this and enhance not only our trading accounts but our egos. Even if that seems selfish it is the absolute reality-based motive, behind the reason presenting ourselves here.

At ALGO JAMHP PCC we believe in excellence for offering products and services about algorithmic trading and the relevant education.

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