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Expert Advisers: For every Risk-Return Appetite

 In every aspect of this life to win something, you must risk something else: there's always a trade-off between every choice we do or we thinking about doing it. No other way exists at least known to us and such lead us to the conclusion about this being a universal rule of our lives. In the case of financial economics, some of you could think about the notion of arbitrage, namely making a profit without the risk. Well, there's not such a choice in today's electronic trading without taking the risk of having your account permanently banned from your broker and any profits you made to be held by it. Take our word for that fact.

Having all the above said (and many more such as risk management) in mind, we have created an algorithmic trading robot serving two targets:

  • While trading the Spot FX interbank market, it tries to keep the risk per trade on a very moderate level. 

  • Its main building philosophy was another kind of arbitrage, statistical arbitrage. Statistical Arbitrage, or in our industry's jargon "Stats-Arb", tries to profit from what is in statistics we call regularity. In simple words, when something happens at a certain pace and this pace is either violated or it's time of presence approaches the algorithm takes trades in favor of the return to that "normality".


Conclusion: This Robot tries to extract profits from the markets statistically without risk. Of course, what statistics consider "riskless" is far away from what people think about riskless. Let's keep it simple here: when an event has a probability of more than 97.5% to occur then our Robot will take action in the markets.

But that's only the surface. For more, like the robots historical results and a full analysis of its characteristics and its behavior please press the following button:

For The Risk Neutrals

Product Name: ATS-LR V1.0

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