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Trading Education: 

Resources & Courses 

To be educated about what you do is one of the cornerstones that are needed to be successful, in every endeavor of your life. There's another angle to this, also: "Do it your own". Many people want to have total control over their trading and thus they prefer to learn how to trade the financial markets or even how to trade with fully automated algorithmic trading strategies which will build themselves.

Since we at Algo Jamhp PCC, enjoy a lot to share with people our knowledge and experiences. we have decided to create educational courses and also share our resources for every level of trader, from the beginner to the most advanced. We believe that even the most advanced trader has something to gain when he always keeps himself synchronized with the current trends in scientific research. 


There are many approaches to trading, our approach is to keep things simple yet to examine everything with the scientific method as our basic filter of forming opinions. We believe that "you cannot talk about something you cannot count", so to be able to quantify our strategy in a flow of an algorithm is our basic goal. If you share the same point of view yet you may be "afraid" of all these sciences which are needed to form, create, evaluate and implement a fully automated trading system, then you should give a try to our educational approach. We firmly believe that when a person wants to master something he has to be ready to devote a lot of time and effort. But on the right path.

If you are interested to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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