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Electronic Trading and Educational Solutions for:

Novice & Retail Traders

"Plug & Play" Algorithmic Trading Strategies in the form of Expert Advisors or for any other API which a trader needs to. You don't need to be a nuclear scientist nor a high net worth individual to use our products and services. If you know the English language and turn on your PC or laptop that is enough at least for a start. Our offerings will be accompanied by a full manual of usage that a five-year-old kid would be able to understand. Plus that we will be near you to any query or question you may have.

Advanced Traders, Money Managers & Investment Advisers.

Offer to your self and/or your clientele new products and services, exploiting modern fields in the algorithmic trading industry. Profitability with lower VaR of a portfolio counts. We both parties know that, and we both worked, work, and we'll keep working hard for that. Our offerings may be the "little something" which will make a huge impact on your investment performance. 

Institutional Entities

You may not have the additional recourses from a time management perspective to educate your people about the trading industry's new formations in the field of algorithmic trading and portfolio management solutions. Outsource that to us. We have the patience and the motive to help. 

Alternative Investments have been a reality for at least 15 years now. There are cases that the classic way of portfolio management can be enhanced by the addition of tradable securities or cash equivalents which may add a lot to your performance. Algorithmic trading is a must to a modern portfolio selection either we want it or not. 

Private Hedge Funds & Family Offices

For those who serve and/or own, their proprietary trading desks having control of their funds or of a small in numbers but huge in volume risk capital we could offer tailor-made algorithmic trading solutions according to your risk profile. Even we are a font of a high risk-adjusted return investment origination, we know well that for some people returns have a diminishing marginal utility towards their inherent risk. Capital presentation with a decent ROI could be achieved for every level of risk appetite. Powerful algorithms are the best guardians for capital protection.

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